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Increase your sales with Upsella.

Looking for an easy way to upsell your customers? Our app helps Shopify stores use SMS text messages to upsell orders and increase sales.


Improve conversion rates.

With Upsella you can optimize your conversions by offering tailored upsells to your customers via SMS.

Improve conversion rates

Enhance customer loyalty.

Upsella will help you to increase customer loyalty by offering relevant offers that appeal to their needs.

Enhance customer loyalty

Boost your profits.

Capture untapped sales through post-purchase offers, after customer pick-up or following delivery.

Boost your profits


How much does it cost?

$29 / month + usage fee based on destination country (usage fee list available in the settings of app)

Who is this for?

The app is designed to help shop owners increase their sales by sending targeted and personalized SMS text upsells to customers, encouraging them to make additional purchases or upgrade their existing orders.

What makes this different?

Upsella employs AI to analyze customer data and purchase history. Based on this analysis, the app automatically generates targeted upsell offers. Additionally the app continually tests and optimizes multiple message campaigns to select the best-performing message. This process is designed to increase the likelihood of successful upsells and capture additional sales.

How can I track the performance of my campaigns?

The app comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides key metrics like conversion rates, total revenue generated, and the number of messages sent.

Can I get support if I need help with the app?

Yes! Our support team is available via a live chat agent in the app dashboard to assist with all set up questions and any other concerns you may have.

How can I get started?

To get started simply click the button at the top of this page to be directed to the app listing on the Shopify App store. Then click the activate button inside the app dashboard to get started on your free 14-day free trial!

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